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All of those intricately designed patterns that you love to look at on your favorite shirt are the result of a process called Embroidery digitizing. Digitizing is turning an image into instructions for embroidery machines and it’s more than just drawing with thread! Each area in the design represents one stitch type so, when converting from digital format to embroidering software program, each color needs its own set of stitches. The final product will show up before stitching begins through many different programs until all sections have been converted into proper instruction sets-pretty neat huh?.

The process of separating the colored areas and then digitizing them either step by step or entire graphic is carried through to blend the colors into one another. Each technique produces different results as they are for various purposes, like blending in those pesky stripes on a shirt that never seem to go away no matter how much you wash it.

Embroidery digitizing is not an easy task. An artists skilled ability of seeing the big picture in minor details and perfect knowledge of cloth material are required to create a beautiful, high-quality embroidered design for clothing or other textiles with thread. The process of digitizing embroidery is a delicate one. It needs to understand the quality of thread, needles and most importantly the boundaries within machine embroidery.

Dezinesol is one of the leading company in providing high-quality embroidery digitizing service to our valued customer base while maintaining their position as industry leaders by continuing access to great quality designs. Our companies dedication does not stop there; we also provide you with tailor made solutions according to different requirements such as making designs with different techniques or giving advice on what type of thread would be best suited for production needs so no matter what stage of production you are at; we have got all bases covered.

We are here to make sure that you get the best out of your embroidery digitizing. We have a team of experts in our company who will help you with any thing and always put their 100% effort into every project they take on, from converting complex work to complete precision and accuracy or delivering services at fairly economical rates. Whatever it is we strive for perfection.

Our customer-friendly support team is never idle. We have an expert embroidery digitizing and Vector art technical staff to help solve any of your problems in a timely manner. We provide fast turnaround time for digitizing and vector art work.

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