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3D Puff Embroidery Services

What is 3D puff embroidery?
The 3D puff embroidery technique is a way to give raise to the designs. You'll often see this type of design on baseball caps, sports hats, or other similar items with mascots or lettering raised out above the rest. For first-timers it can seem intimidating but there's really nothing tricky about creating your own pieces! All you need are some practice swatches in puff material and proper digitizing skills for guidance from an expert like us at Dezinesol.

How to stitch a puff foam with 3D embroidery design?
Embroidering with puffy names, logos, and designs is a bit different process than regular embroidery. First off be aware that there are more costs associated to 3D puff work as well as an increased number of stitches needed for the design.
3D puff embroidery is a popular technique for creating custom designs on round or rectangular shapes. Often, the best way to ensure that your design will be covered by stitching and not left with empty holes at its corners is to use rounded letters within your text. This ensures that no matter what lettering you choose - whether it's basic block printing in black ink or intricate cursive script outlined in gold leaf - each word can be read as easily from every angle of view without leaving any blank spaces behind.


Digitize your logo and prep the embroidery machine

Design your logo or custom design using embroidery software. Logo will be digitized and transferred to the embroidery machine in its preferred format such as .dst or pes etc. You’ll also need to enter information on what orientation and thread color sequence you want for each element of the design before it is read by the machine, which only differs from regular embroideries at this stage.

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