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Woven Patch

Woven patches are made of thread only. Woven patches have a smooth surface with no raised surface because the fix is woven. We prescribe woven patches If you need to put a lot of data and detail on the patches. Likewise, For patches with complex edges like waves, we suggest straightforward laser cutting (kick the bucket cutting) instead of weaving the edges.

Woven Patches will be patches done by sewing a plan with strings into a piece of texture. Woven Patches can accomplish a high measure of detail and lucidity, ideal for little lettering because of the utilization of more slender strings. The outcome is a fix with extraordinary photograph quality, difficult to distinguish from printed patches!

Since they are made with Premium strings and without bounce sewing, our woven patches, just as our woven marks, will definitely deal with multifaceted detail better compared to the weaved patches. With a woven fix, because of the material and creation measure, a fix can be made in a lot more modest size without losing trustworthiness.

woven patches can go within or outside of attire without a massive inclination. More slender strings make Woven patches more slender they weaved patches, giving a degree of adaptability that makes the fix more flexible. We have been creating great woven patches for quite a long time.